An in-depth look at the planetary transits and trends behind the 2020 Venus Retrograde identifying the key cosmic trends and opportunities for growth, particularly focusing on the link between value and self-worth on one hand, and our ability to attract fulfilling and healthy jobs, clients and relationships.

This hour-long forecast/mini course breaks down Venus Retrograde into 3 themes and opportunities for growth:
1 - The upcoming squares between Venus and Neptune: Breaking free from addictions and lifting the veil on illusions in relationships, including the ability to tell the difference between healthy soul mate connections and unhealthy ones e.g. narcissist-empath dynamics

2 - The Venus-Mars Squares & Healing Conflict in Relationships - The current dance between Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, as embodied by the two love planets, Venus and Mars. Looks at their ongoing squares and how to use the Grail Myth and the principle of inversion to overcome power struggles, role confusion and ego conflicts that lead to separation.

3 - Black Moon Lilith and Chiron & the Lunar Phases - Embracing your Inner Freak - Turning your Weakness into a superpower. Looks at the archetypes of Black Moon Lilith and Chiron and how these can affect relationship dynamics. Identifies the key dates and astrological windows for transmuting core wounds around sex, manipulation, power and abuse during Venus retrograde and the upcoming eclipse season.